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Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 By registering with e2make the user declares that he has read the Terms and Conditions and fully accepted.

1.2 All information provided at registration must be accurate and correct.

1.3 The use of e2make services is at the risk of the user. e2make liable for all tangible and intangible damages that may result from use of our services does not. e2make makes no warranty that the Services at any time without interruption, are timely, secure and error-free.

1.4 For the content of user pages each user is solely responsible. The content may not be racist, right-or left extreme, pornographic, erotic or otherwise be unlawful. e2make dissociates himself from all contents of these pages. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from the use of such offered information, only the author of such user page.

1.5 For commercial websites, the user must specify the imprint the name and address and a way to contact recording. Even sites that bring in any way profit (eg commercial banners) must have an imprint.

1.6 Use of e2make is free. Except for a link to www.e2make.com no advertising on the user side is switched.

2. Alerts & Newsletter

2.1 For security e2make stores at each login and you log in to the members area, the IP of the user. This is in case of abuse shed light on the trigger.

2.2 e2make sends time to time information to the email address of the user, which can not be canceled because it informs you about important changes to the system.

3. Changes to the service

3.1 Restrictions, extensions and changes of any other services must be referred e2make anytime.

4. Termination

4.1 e2make may terminate participation in the e2make services to the user at any time with no prior warning. Denunciation shall be effected by the deletion of the user's homepage.

4.2 The deletion of an account at e2make is free and available at any time, which will erase all data.

5. Other Provisions

5.1 e2make explicitly states that if pictures, music, downloads, etc., are included on your own website, the user must ensure that this is get permission from the author. E2make should be reprimanded if not approval, e2make reserves the right to delete the user's homepage and pass the costs.

6. Final Provisions

6.1 If any provision of these Terms or any future provision not included in it wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable, or lose their validity or enforceability later, should the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The same applies if it turns out that the contract contains a loophole: The invalid or unenforceable provision or to fill the regulatory gap is a valid provision, which, if legally possible, comes closest to what the parties had intended to or have intended the meaning or purpose of the treaty, would be if they had considered when concluding the contract or during the subsequent addition of a provision to the point.

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